On-net Buildings

KIRZ Metro Fiber (MPLS) is Multi-Gigabit high-speed internet network enhanced by Segment Routing Topology system to increase the stability and security levels of network connection. Our network can support the ultra high-speed gigabit internet access and provide accessibility to more than 100 buildings in the central business districts in Bangkok, assuring the limitless communications on internet, and increasing business potential to the full.

No.Building NameRoad
1253 Asoke BuildingAsoke
2Abdulrahim PlaceRama 4
3AIA Capital CenterRatchadapisek
4AIA Sathorn TowerSathon
5All Season BuildingWireless-Ratchadamri
6Amarin Plaza Tower (SOGO)Pleonchit
7Bangkok Business CenterSukhumvit
8Bangkok City TowerSathon
9Bangkok Insurance YWCA TowerSathon
10Bangna TowerBangna
11BB BuildingAsoke
12Bhiraj Tower at BITECBangna
13Bhiraj Tower at EmQuartierSukhumvit
14Boonmit BuildingSilom - Surawong
15Bupphachit BuildingSathon
16Cathay House BuildingSathon
17Central City BangnaBangna
18Central WorldPleonchit
19ChamChuri SquareRama 4
20Charn Issara Tower 1Rama 4
21Charn Issara Tower 2New Petchburi
22Charter SquareSathon
23Cosmo Office ParkChangwattana
24CP TowerSilom - Surawong
25CS Tower (Thodsaphol Land 2)Ratchadapisek
26CTI TowerRatchadapisek
27Cyberworld TowerRatchadapisek
28Empire TowerSathon
29Emporium TowerSukhumvit
30Exchange TowerAsoke
31Forum TowerRatchadapisek
32FYI CenterRama 4
33G TowerRatchadapisek
34GMM (Grammy Place)Asoke
35GPF Witthayu TowersWireless-Ratchadamri
36Green TowerRama 4
37Gypsum MetropolitanSi Ayutthaya
38Harinthorn BuildingSathon
39Interchange 21Sukhumvit
40InterLink Tower (Nation Tower)Bangna
41Italthai TowerNew Petchburi
42Jasmine City TowerSukhumvit
43Jewelry Trade CenterSilom - Surawong
44K Tower (CMIC Tower)Asoke
45Kasemkij BuildingSilom - Surawong
46Kian Gwan House IIWireless-Ratchadamri
47KPN TowerRama 9
48KSL TowerSi Ayutthaya
49Lake Ratchada Office ComplexRatchadapisek
50Lao Peng Nguan 1 Tower (LPN)Vibhavadi Rangsit
51Le Concorde Office TowerRatchadapisek
52Lumpini TowerRama 4
53Mahatun PlazaPleonchit
54Major TowerSukhumvit
55Maleenont TowerRama 4
56Maneeya BuildingPleonchit
57Manorom TowerRama 4
58MD Tower (Thodsaphol Land 3)Bangna
59MS Siam TowerIndustrial Ring Rd
60Muang Thai Phatra ComplexRatchadapisek
61Na-Nakorn BuildingChangwattana
62Ocean Insurance BuildingSilom - Surawong
63Ocean Tower 1Ratchadapisek
64Ocean Tower 2Asoke
65Olympia Thai TowerRatchadapisek
66One Pacific PlaceSukhumvit
67Orakarn BuildingPleonchit
68Park VenturesWireless-Ratchadamri
69Phaholyothin PlacePhaholyothin
70Phayathai PlazaPhayathai
72Pleonchit CenterSukhumvit
73Prime Building  Asoke
74Q House LumpiniSathon
75Q.House AsokeAsoke
76Q.House ConventSilom - Surawong
77Q.House PloenchitPleonchit
78Rajanakarn BuildingSathon
79Ramaland BuildingRama 4
80Rasa TowerPhaholyothin
81Regent HouseWireless-Ratchadamri
82Richmond OfficeSukhumvit
83RS TowerRatchadapisek
84RSU Tower (Phoenix Tower)Sukhumvit
85Samyan MitrtownRama 4
86Sangthong Thani BuildingSathon
88Sathon City TowerSathon
89Sathorn SquareSathon
90Sathorn Thani Building 1, 2Sathon
91Sathornnakorn Tower (Standard Chartered)Sathon
92Serm-mitr TowerAsoke
93Shinawatra Tower III (SC ASSET)Vibhavadi Rangsit
94Siam TowerRama 1
95Silom Complex BuildingSilom - Surawong
96Singha ComplexNew Petchburi
97Sino-Thai TowerAsoke
98Sinthorn TowerWireless-Ratchadamri
99Sirinrat Building Rama 4Rama 4
100Siripinyo BuildingAsoke
101SJ Infinite I Business ComplexVibhavadi Rangsit
102Software ParkChangwattana
103Sorachai BuildingSukhumvit
104SP Tower (IBM Tower)Phaholyothin
105Spring TowerPhayathai
106Sun TowerVibhavadi Rangsit
107SVOA TowerRama 3
108T One BuildingSukhumvit
109Thai CC TowerSathon
110Thai Sri TowerOthers
111Thai Summit TowerNew Petchburi
112Thanapoom TowerNew Petchburi
113Thaniya Building (BTS WING)Silom - Surawong
114Thaniya Plaza BuildingSilom - Surawong
115The ParqRama 4
116Times Square BuildingSukhumvit
117Tipco TowerRama 6
118TST TowerVibhavadi Rangsit
119U Chu Liang BuildingRama 4
120UBC II BuildingSukhumvit
121UM TowerRamkhamhaeng
122United Center BuildingSilom - Surawong
123Vibulthani Building (Esso Tower)Rama 4
124Wall Street TowerSilom - Surawong
125Wave PlacePleonchit
126Yada BuildingSilom - Surawong

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