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Cloud CCTV

Verifiable Security Anywhere, Anytime

Store recording on the cloud, backup on the camera.

  2MP and 4MP Resolution Recordings

  Ready deployment

  Centralized Control

  Live and Playback from the Cloud

Cloud CCTV

CCTV Managed Service

Cloud CCTV Managed Service is designed for recording images and sound from CCTV cameras in various locations to be stored at the data centers. There is no limit on the number of cameras and locations. Users can learn to watch Live and Playback at the single pane of glass, makes it possible to control all management Including data is stored with high security standards in the Data Center while still maintaining ease of use, flexibility, and savings (TCO).

Cloud CCTV service starts at 16 cameras per organization. They an be installed in an unlimited number of locations. All you need is Internet and LAN cables to be prepared at various points where you want to install the cameras. Just make an appointment with us to bring the IP Camera, PoE Switch, Cloud Sync equipment. The video and audio data from the camera will start being recorded on the cloud. You can view Live and Playback from your mobile phone and computer from anywhere, anytime.

Term & Condition: 12-month contract format, monthly fee according to usage characteristics. There is an actual initial setup fee.

Cloud CCTV Calculator - with Camera(s)

Service Installation

Term and Condition

1. Minimum of 8 channel recordings

2. Initial setup fee

3. Requires 100Mbps Internet upload bandwidth for every 30 cameras

4. 2MP Video quality (HD)

5. A replacement device within 48 hours

6. Price excludes 7% VAT

Our sales contact 02-7709770, available from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. 

Pricing - Options

Cloud Setup Fee (onetime)

8 Cameras 6,000 baht / unit

16 Cameras 8,500 baht / unit

32 Cameras 12,500 baht / unit

64 Cameras 25,000 baht / unit

LAN Cabling Fee (by Cable Runs)

1-3 UTP Cable run, 2500-3500 baht + Conduit (per LAN point)

>10 UTP Cable run,  please contact us!

LAN Cabling Fee (by Material & Labor)

CAT5e CAT6 BOQ 10/15 baht per meter

RJ 45 CAT5e CAT6-  Female cabling  40/50 baht per point

RJ 45 CAT5e CAT6 -  Male cabling  20/30 baht per point

Patch panel CAT5e CAT6 24/48 Port cabling 2500/4000 baht per point 

Fluke CAT5e TEST Report  150/200 baht per point

New IP Cameras (3 years warranty)

2MP Dahua Full-Color LED (Mic, 2.8mm) 2,000 baht/unit

4MP Dahua Full-Color LED (Mic, 2.8mm) 2,550 baht/unit

Axis IP Cameras, please contact!

Panasonic IP Cameras, please contact!

PoE Switch

8-Port PoE Switch (1x100M uplink) 2,050 baht/unit

8-Port PoE Switch (2x1G uplink)  2,290 baht/unit

16-Port PoE 1U Switch (2xSFP uplink)  7,900 baht/unit

24-Port PoE 1U Switch (2xSFP uplink)  10,680 baht/unit

Aluminum Camera Mounting Kit 370 baht / EA

Cloud CCTV Features


8MP Resolution

Cloud traditionally caused resolution to be limited to 2MP. In most cases, this meant an onsite recorder was still needed in order to save higher resolution video locally.

With KIRZ CCTV, record up to 8MP video either alongside a recorder or straight to the cloud!

Video analytics

KIRZ CCTV on Cloud's video analytics technology allows you to create and receive alerts based on objects detected by your camera, making your CCTV system truly proactive.

Filter by date and/or object and find specific video events without scrolling through hours of footage.

Multi-user permission

Multi-user permissions

With traditional CCTV systems, sharing video access with others often required physical access to the recorder.

KIRZ CCTV enables you to give relevant stakeholders read-only or full admin access to all or specific cameras, depending on your requirements.

Security sharing really is caring.

Remote install

Installing video surveillance can be complex and usually requires security professionals to be onsite.

Install KIRZ cloud from anywhere via the KIRZ CCTV mobile app. The KIRZ Cloud Adapter just needs to be connected to the same network as the cameras.

KIRZ CCTV Remote Installation
health monitoring

Live camera health monitoring

KIRZ CCTV continually monitors the security systems’ health and sends real time alerts to the user and their security professional if a camera goes offline.

Easily access vital camera health information remotely from KIRZ CCTV portal, with the KIRZ support team on hand for more involved diagnosis.

Scheduling alerts & recording

With KIRZ CCTV you can schedule when cameras record and when alerts are received. Configure the schedules for specific cameras and/or time periods.

Only want cameras to record outside of business hours? Or only want alerts when no security personnel are working? No problem.

Scheduling alerts and recording


Creating project timelapses often required expensive specialist cameras and/or software.

KIRZ CCTV allows you to track project progress with a day-to-day timelapse video. Easily share it with relevant people.

Two-way audio

Two-way audio allows for proactive and improved security, and enables real time live audio challenge to help deter or disperse unwanted visitors from the monitored site.

KIRZ CCTV’s two-way audio will work on all Hikvision cameras that have microphone/speaker functionality.

Broader camera compatibility coming soon!

Two-way audio
Remote camera control

Remote camera control

Remotely control your cameras via KIRZ CCTV mobile app. Set up motion detection zones and adjust camera sensitivity.

PTZ controls

If you have a Dahua or Hikvision PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) camera, you can use the PTZ functionality straight from KIRZ CCTV app.

Pan and tilt your cameras to the required positions, and zoom in or out of the live video images.

PTZ controls


You can install KIRZ cloud remotely to compatible hardware in less than 2 minutes. The KIRZ CCTV software runs on a small bridging device called a Cloud Adapter. Pairing the hardware with the KIRZ cloud is done via the KIRZ CCTV smartphone app (available on Apple and Android). Once the setup is complete, you can view your camera live stream and recorded video events through the KIRZ CCTV app and website. Recorded video events are saved in the KIRZ cloud for the duration of your cloud recording plan.

Yes, KIRZ can provide excellent offsite cloud backup to video stored locally on a DVR/NVR. Access our installation guides, and review the specifications.

Yes, using KIRZ cloud can remove the need for local recording completely. With compatible IP cameras and a KIRZ Cloud Adapter you can send video straight to the cloud.

To add KIRZ to your compatible security system you'll first need a KIRZ account. You can create one here and order the required number of KIRZ Cloud Adapters. Once the Cloud Adapters have arrived, you can connect them to your security system in just a few minutes via the KIRZ smartphone app (available on Apple and Android).

Cloud Adapter 8 and Cloud Adapter 16 supports up to 8 or 16 cameras or recorder channels, respectively. If you are installing more than 16 cameras, you can use our Cloud Adapter 64 rack-mounted solution or simply stack as many 8-channel or 16-channel Cloud Adapters as necessary for the installation. The Cloud Adapter needs to be on the same local network as the security system, so if your cameras are situated across multiple locations you'll need Cloud Adapter(s) at each location.

Amazon Web Services hosts the KIRZ cloud. AWS also hosts thousands of other major brands across the world. KIRZ uses two AWS data centers, one in Ireland and one in North Virginia, USA. Video will be stored in the nearest data center to your location.

We offer a variety of cloud recording plans, for example from 7 days cloud storage to 1-year cloud storage. If you require longer than 1-year storage this is also possible. To discuss this contact us.

If your security system is compatible with KIRZ you can order a KIRZ Cloud Adapter and create an account directly from the KIRZ website here.

Yes we do, see our partners page for more information. Our partner FAQs might also be helpful for you.

Compatible Camera and Internet

KIRZ CCTV is directly working with a wide range of camera brands. We have tested cameras from the following brands:

KIRZ CCTV is compatible with a wide range of camera brands via ONVIF. We have tested cameras from the following brands:

We support devices with ONVIF profiles S and T, but recommend testing your specific device as there is little consistency in the way that different brands implement the ONVIF standards.

Not as much as you might expect! But for an exact answer it depends on which setting mode you are using. If your video quality is set to SD or 2MP/1080p, allow up to 400kbps per camera or recorder channel. If your video quality is set 4MP, allow up to 1200kbps per camera or recorder channel. Finally, if your video quality is set to Up to 8MP/4K, allow up to 1800kbps per camera or recorder channel. Our software is constantly measuring the available bandwidth on the network and will store video on the Cloud Adapter in poor network conditions or during network redundancy. The video files will then be sent to the cloud once the network conditions improve or the network is restored. There is a network speed test in the KIRZ app under Tools, this will test the local network and tell you how many cameras can be supported. If you need any further guidance on data requirements please contact us.

Yes, lots of our customers use 4G/5G networks to power their KIRZ installations. The low bandwidth nature of our software makes it well suited to these installations.

Loss of network doesn’t mean loss of footage, even cloud has a back up! All KIRZ Cloud Adapter come with 32GB built-in storage and acts as a back up in case of a network outage or bad connection. If the internet goes down, it’ll store the video footage from the cameras on the edge and automatically send it to the cloud when the internet connection has been restored.

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