Cloud Video Surveillance

Our service is compatible with all types of CCTV cameras, transmitting both video and audio signals over the internet. Users can simultaneously view live footage and access previous recordings from anywhere. Storage capacity for crucial information is vast, though it varies based on the chosen package. All recorded data is securely stored on Private Cloud at our Data Centers.

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  • saves you efforts, time and money
  • great for locations where 24/7 running of server is not possible or desirable
  • saves electricity
  • no equipment except for cameras is needed
  • perfect for cameras positioned in many locations
  • your records are not subject to theft, safe on our cloud server


Quick start

Minimum requirements to start working with KIRZ CCTV pro – just a camera and Internet connection. No special knowledge required. 

Cost-efficient and trouble-free

No need to buy a sophisticated up-to-date computer. Forget about maintenance costs and huge electricity bills for servers running 24/7. KIRZ CCTV pro is set up by our team of experts and is overall cheaper and easier than regular on-site video surveillance.

Stable and secure work

Your footage is safe in KIRZ Cloud video surveillance system – only authorized users have access to cameras, both in real-time and archive. Even if the camera is vandalized, they will never get the footage.

Great features

Unlike other cloud surveillance services that offer only motion detector and record (at best), KIRZ Cloud offers almost all of its regular features, including PRO features: emap, object tracking and visualization, integration with cashier registers and home automation systems, synchronized view of multiple archives, with a few exceptions.

Flexible pricing and NO hidden fees

Different, flexible types of subscriptions with What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get conditions allow you to find the right one just for you.  Additional modules are available to be added by the price of their rent.

No advertisement, no logo watermarks

in camera live view or in archive.

Every subscription has:

Unlimited live and recorded view

Unlimited download of videos

Any image resolution

Unlimited fps

Typical uses

Video surveillance

Raising profit

Business automation

Police, safe city

Smart homes

Customer-specific business tasks

Cloud CCTV Pro Calculator

KIRZ offers cloud video surveillance storage solutions. They also provide a complimentary app download for desktop installation. All customers need are a surveillance camera system and internet connectivity.


  • Initial setup fee
  • Start minimum of 8 channel recordings
  • 2MP Video quality (HD)
  • Required 100Mbps Internet upload bandwidth for every 30 cameras
  • Prices exclude VAT.

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