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Dark Fiber

There are two types of Path

Aerial Fiber

The outdoor pole line Aerial installation

Underground Fiber

The installation can be buried directly underground or placed into a buried duct

Dark Fiber is a customized, private network that is secure, scalable and exclusive to a respective customer. KIRZ’s Dark Fiber service includes the highest quality fiber optic cabling, above and below ground fiber construction, personalized route planning, and ongoing support, maintenance and testing.

A Dark Fiber connection allows an organization to future-proof its network. It can deliver nearly unlimited bandwidth, depending upon the customer-provided equipment. A KIRZ Dark Fiber solution will include an operating expenditure (OPEX) lease with a term of one to 10 years or a capital expenditure (CAPEX)/IRU lease with a term of 10 to 20 years.

  • Installed completely with fiber optic cables, which can increase and decrease speed without changing cabling type.
  • Fiber optic network are taken care by KIRZ. Customers can exchange information with the network operation center to monitor the system status.
  • We Has a surveillance team to monitor the network 24 hours a day every day.

Dark Fiber Path Packages


starts from 1000 bht/mo.

* Best path from A to B per Fiber Core

** 24x7 Monitoring, and support by NOC


starts from 2500 bht/mo.

* Best path from A to B per Fiber Core

** 24x7 Monitoring, and support by NOC

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