Gun K.

Founder and Managing Director

"Service is our business, employees are valuable assets, we value the development of new knowledge for our team, so he or she can create satisfaction for our customers"


Porntip U.

Administration Director

"thinking positive, acting good, then everything will be good!  Love yourself, love work because our our job is the services"


พรทิพย์ อุทัยเศรษฐวัฒน์


ความซื่อสัตย์ ตรงไปตรงมา และความสามัคคี เสริมสร้างความสัมพันธ์อันดีงามต่องานบริการของเรา


Pakpoom C.

Business Development

"filtering the right technologies which can be potentially develop into business solutions to meet our customer demands and expectations are my lovely works"


Malai K.

Ceo Secretary

"Offering modern communication that responds directly to, and exceeds customers' expectation is our number priority"


Komsan T.

Engineering & Support

"my mission is to ensure that all network systems and data centers that service our customers are performing securely and stable in accordance with our SLA, service level agreement"


We aim to ensure all our employees have access to training that equips them  with the skills

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KIRZ is Thailand's comprehensive Managed Service Provider. We own fiber optic network infrastructure, gateways, data centers, cloud computing and internet connections.  We have been providing the services to the midsize organizations for over 20 years

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