Multi-Branch Network

Branch Connectivity

Optimize data exchange across multiple branches with best performance


  • Connecting Branch Networks
  • Secure
  • Redundant
  • Single Control

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (or SD-WAN) can replace or extend MPLS networks in some situations by offering simplification, cost reduction, performance optimization, and redundancy.

  • Connect all branches across network technologies, e.g., MPLS, internet and 4G, 5G Despite mixed use of technologies, SD-WAN can function without compromising network quality.
  • Manage branch connection and update corporate usage policy application, e.g., email, Office 365 and Facebook, instantly from centralized control center.
  • Reduce human errors from manual setup or update policy on site (zero-touch provisioning) with automated configuration.
  • Automatically prioritize type of data for transmission according to business preference (Qualtiy of Service: QoS).
  • Maximize bandwidth usage.
  • Secure all traffic with firewall and encryption.
  • View and analyze usage report to react accurately and immediately to business needs.


Save operation cost from managing your network manually. The solution requires less staff to visit the sites in person 
Easy installation, without complication of devices setup by the user (plug-and-play concept)
Open new branches faster (from months to weeks) with less network setup time
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Suitable for business

Organization with multiple branches such as bank, insurance companies and othersBusiness using video conference and cloud application for work

SD-WAN, MPLS, Broadband, Branch, Internet

Various types of Media Connectivity

Type 1 - MPLS alone

Type 2 -  MPLS mainly with Broadband backup

Type 3 - Broadband mainly with Broadband backup

หมายเหตุ Broadband หมายถึง FTTx internet แบบไม่ fixed IP รวมถึง mobile SIM แบบ 4-LTE 

Dual active VPN
Load balance VPN Traffic with dual WAN Links

Policy-based Routing
เลือกเส้นทางทราฟฟิคบนโปรโตคอล พอร์ต IP ปลายทาง หรือแม้แต่ Applications ได้ตามต้องการ

Dynamic path selection
เลือก VPN tunnel ที่ดีสุดสำหรับทราฟฟิคได้อย่างอัตโนมัติโดยอิงจาก performance

SD-WAN Managed Service

Come with Software Defined License + Hardware, ready to connect HQ, Data Center, and Branch Networks

 Free SD-WAN

Cisco Equipment

supports MPLS, FTTx, 4G, 5G

Throughput 100Mbps

(for multi-branch networks)

when setup new KIRZ Corporate Internet

  • MPLS Media Transmission
  • L3 Switch Router
  • Leased Line Standard 
  • 99.95% SLA
  • Cisco Certified Professional Support
  • 24/7 NOC support
  • PRTG Real-time report

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