Gun Kirdkao

Gun, CEO

Our extensive years of experience are a valuable asset to our clients, positioning us as a seasoned service provider capable of comprehending the evolving demands of the market.

# Dedicated Internet Access

# Data Center Interconnect

# Cloud & Data Center

The aforementioned keywords represent the services that consistently command our attention, ensuring both quality and customer satisfaction.

About Us


We have demonstrated our ability to provide superior service and more competitive pricing compared to some of the largest and most renowned companies in Thailand.

KIRZ Office in Bangkok

Established in Bangkok in 1995, KIRZ was among the pioneers in the Internet Service Provider industry.


Since then, we have built a solid reputation for delivering superior services to our clients. Our wealth of experience serves as an invaluable asset to our clients, positioning us as a knowledgeable service provider capable of adapting to the evolving marketplace.

KIRZ, headquartered in Thailand, is a private company offering a range of services including fiber, telephone, and data center solutions to businesses and government organizations.

At the heart of KIRZ is our robust fiber network, which links data centers and connects to numerous major office buildings nationwide. Our comprehensive services encompass high-speed Internet connectivity, Segment Routing, MPLS, and other advanced data networking solutions. Additionally, we specialize in server colocation, providing hosting services in eight strategically located data center facilities.

Delivering Big Data at the Speed of Business

Our clients benefit from reliable, high-performance telephone and internet services that are both scalable and easy to deploy and manage. We are dedicated to delivering the utmost quality in products and services, ensuring that your business enjoys secure and uninterrupted networked communications.

You can anticipate a friendly and professional approach from our team, underpinned by our unwavering commitment to honest and ethical business practices.

KIRZ employee
KIRZ ISO-27001 Certification

Built upon a foundation of Customer Service

KIRZ adheres to a managed long-term growth philosophy.

Our consistent and annual growth enables us to provide personalized service to each customer, along with access to cutting-edge technologies that cater to their evolving business requirements. Each customer holds significant importance to us, and surpassing their expectations is a source of pride.

We construct our network with our customers' needs in mind, staying at the forefront of technological trends that influence our ever-expanding clientele. Our customer base continues to expand due to our commitment to delivering high-quality service, resulting in referrals to KIRZ.

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