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Data Center

Our Data Center Space

All rack cabinet ready for hosting servers and network equipment by Cooling Airflow control through Raised Floor.  The temperature, humidity, and electric power are effective managed with Tier-3 standard Data Center environment.  We provide 24x 7 Security Access, and NOC 24/7 Support.

Info. about our Colocation Service

kirz data center
ISO 27001

Our Standard

ISO-27001 / Tier-3 DC

Airflow : Raised Floor

Cooling & Condition your critical IT environment at 22 (+/- 3C) 

Humidity : 50% RH+/- 2%

PDU : 2N

CRAC : N+1 

Generator: N+1

UPS : 2N

Fire Protection : Nitrogen

Raised floor load : 700Kg / sqm.

Tier Level : Tier 3

Disaster Recovery Center services available

Our Data Center Service in  8 Locations

Dedicated Cloud

Your tailor mad Cloud Platform, No sharing

Dedicated Server

Save up the budget

Dedicated Storage

File sharing and Database

Our Data Center Space in 8 Locations

Connectivity's boned by KIRZ Fabric Extender Infrastructure


next to Nation Tower


true Tower

North Sathorn

Smoot Life Tower

South Sathorn

Empire Tower


CAT Telecom Tower


CS-Lox The Cloud

Suanlung Rama9

Metro System Corp.



Environment inside our DC Space

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