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Dedicated Internet Access, a corporate internet service that connects three of the country's largest Gateways (BGP Peering) into a high quality Internet Pool.  It connects to the Public Network with many paths and allows access to the large audience internet users (Eyeballs).

DIA is an efficient Corporate Internet service, guaranteed uptime at 99.95% with SLA, suitable for full corporate internet use. Bandwidth is not shared with other customers.



In addition to DIA connecting to the largest Gateway It is also connected to the Internet Exchanges (IX) exchange center and Public Cloud service providers such as AWS, Google, Microsoft, as well as the additional service Direct Connect when wanting to increase the quality of access.

Additional Managed Firewall service by Cisco Firepower with security subscription to keep organizations safe from cyber threats. with special service rates without investment

Our dedicated team of experienced Client Managers and Certified Engineers is committed to assisting customers throughout the entire process, from design and installation to reporting on completed projects. Additionally, they work closely with our NOC team to ensure system monitoring.  As part of our service package, customers will also gain access to an Online Traffic Portal to check circuit statuses.

Use case

DIA comes with IP Subnet types IPv4 and IPv6, supporting the same Upload and Download usage, suitable for the trend of Streaming usage to TikTok, Facebook and YouTube that emphasize uploading video content with high resolution quality. Most of the usage comes from continuous uploading and streaming of data. Meanwhile, Public Cloud usage focuses mostly on downloading, so DIA is suitable for applications that focus on stability. Continuously in this era

After order confirmation, the fiber cable installation will take between 15-30 days depending on each property procedure. 

▏ DIA Pricing

DIA 100

15,000 baht/Month

MPLS 100Mbps with 8IP v4

Uptime 99.95% SLA

NOC Service 24 x 7

DIA 200

25,000 baht/Month

MPLS 100Mbps with 8IP v4

Uptime 99.95% SLA

NOC Service 24 x 7

DIA 300

35,000 baht/Month

MPLS 300Mbps with 8IP v4

Uptime 99.95% SLA

NOC Service 24 x 7

Prices do not include building access or cross-connect charges, if applicable.

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