Thailand Secure, Carrier Grade Infrastructure

Colocation Service

We can connect your servers to internet, and abroad.  Our standard of excellence ensures you will receive the most efficient service at the highest speed through our network which has the largest International bandwidth in Thailand.

ISO 27001

  • DC Tier-3 Infra.
  • Nexus Switch
  • 7x24 Security
  • Remote hands
  • Flexibility

Thailand Colocation

KIRZ currently operates seven data centers in Thailand. Being ISO 27001 certified, our Tier 3+ data center provides high levels of redundancy, reliability, availability and maximum security 24/7. We offer cost-effective and scalable colocation services to host your mission-critical applications, setting you free from massive investments in IT infrastructure. Your servers will be monitored by our experienced onsite technical staff 24/7. Remote hands support is in place to solve any urgent problems right away.

Colocate Your Servers at Our Thailand Data Centers

ISO 27001 Certified DC

Our Tier 3+ data center is certified ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Our physical security, power, cooling and networks are each at least N+1 redundant, offering you higher uptime and greater reliability. 2N UPS battery power and diesel generator backup power are in place to ensure all operating servers remain connected in case of any power loss. 

Advanced Fire Systems

To minimize equipment damage in case of fire, our data centers are equipped with VESDA smoke detection, NN-100 (Nitrogen) Gas suppression system and pre-action sprinkler system.

7x24 Security

Multiple security measures are in place to protect your assets around the clock. Our data center is controlled through card access, scanners, surveillance monitoring, 24/7 surveillance CCTV with digital recording and 24/7 security staff. 

Remote Hands Support, On-demand

All of your hardware and equipment are in safe hands with our world-class infrastructure and 24/7 server monitoring. Onsite technical staff are available and ready to solve any urgent problems right away.

Cisco Nexus Switch

We offer SLA of 99.9% network uptime. We have fully redundant and low latency connectivity with a total capacity of 1Tbps+ from multiple global leading carriers. Direct peering with Top five largest local Exchanges, offering low latency direct domestic Thailand connections.

Flexibility and Scalability

You can retain full control of your IT hardware while freeing your business from millions of dollars investments in IT infrastructure. Our transparent pricing structure gives you better control and estimation of IT budgets. Scalability is possible and cost-effective when your business grows over time.

Bangkok Colocation Service

Price per month excluding 7% VAT


1/4 Rack

18,000 baht

Max. Averaged Load (@95%) 4 Amps 


AC Outlets (220V)


100Mbps MPLS Private Link to your Bangkok office


1/2 Rack

28,000 baht

Max. Averaged Load (@95%) 8 Amps 


AC Outlets (220V)


100Mbps MPLS Private Link to your Bangkok office


Full Rack

45,000 baht

Max. Averaged Load (@95%) 16 Amps 


AC Outlets (220V)


100Mbps MPLS Private Link to your Bangkok office


1U Server

4,000 baht

Max. Averaged Load (@95%) 1 Amps 


AC Outlets (220V)


100Mbps International Bandwidth


2U Server

4,500 baht

Max. Averaged Load (@95%) 1 Amps 


AC Outlets (220V)


100Mbps International Bandwidth

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