Bangkok, Thailand

Dedicated Server & Storage

Available Server Types

GAME Server

Online Gaming


Applications, Hypervisor


Database, File systems

GPU Server

AI, Deep Learning

Dedicated Server

A Server Rental service, help reducing your investment, and money on electricity bills, precision air conditioning, humidity control.  Servers are installed in Tier-3 data centers in Thailand with ISO 27001 certified.  Server rentals are available in Cisco, Dell, and HP specifications.


  • All server connected to 1Gbp Domestic Internet  with 1 Fixed IP Address
  • 10Mbps InterBW allocation per IP 
  • Operation in Tier-3 Data Centers
  • Flexible monthly payment, no minimum period 
  • ISO-27001 Certified


  • NOC 24 x 7
  • Traffic Monitoring by PRTG

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