Dedicated Server

The server service offered by KIRZ significantly cuts costs and maintenance expenses, eliminating the need for expenditures on electricity, air conditioning, and maintenance personnel. It offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing for limitless scaling up and out to meet your evolving needs. Ensuring secure usage, our Dedicated Server service is housed within a Tier-3 Data Center, with our team providing round-the-clock monitoring services, 24/7.

Dedicated Server

Why KIRZ ?

The servers we offer are of the Enterprise variety, available in a diverse range of models to suit various use cases. Each server is equipped with hot-plug capabilities for both storage and power supply units, allowing for expansions without the need for shutdowns. Additionally, the servers feature IPMI for remote access, enabling users to monitor status, perform configurations, and manage the server as if they were physically present.

Typical uses

  • Business Applications
  • Virtualization
  • Video Streaming
  • VPN Server
  • VDI/AI

Estimated Budget

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We proudly declare that your business is our sole focus. With our best-in-class fiber network and cloud solutions, accompanied by unparalleled customer service, allow us to demonstrate why KIRZ is the ultimate choice for your Business Cloud and Connectivity needs.

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