affordable, simple to deploy, and easy to manage

Managed Firewall

is the first tier of treat defense in cyber world


Security software is used to install at devices for Malware, Ransomware prevention


Firewall Appliance is used to installed behind the internet router for gateway prevention


Security polity is deployed with centralized  or decentralized controller.

Managed Firewall

Our Managed Firewall Services takes care of the day-to-day management of your firewall operations, providing improved availability and guaranteeing continuity.

Managing your security infrastructure is not just about keeping firewalls up-to-date with patches and fixes; ensuring that security measures are current involves actively monitoring access to the Internet from the company network, responding to critical alerts, compiling management reports, and providing guidance on optimizing  firewall configurations.


  • Installed Next Gen. Firewall on premise
  • Includes threats, malware, ransomware, prevention subscription plans
  • Managed and Controled via web browser
  • Uptime 99.9% Guarantee with hardware replacement

Management and analytics:

  • Secure Intrusion and Prevention 
  • Secure Firewall Management Center
  • Defense Orchestrator
  • Security Analytics and Logging

Service Fees

Managed Firewall S

Cisco Firepower 1010



Threat Defense,

Malware, Ransomware

URL Filtering

24x7 Support with Replacement Program

Managed Firewall M

Cisco Firepower 1120



Threat Defense,

Malware, Ransomware

URL Filtering

24x7 Support with Replacement Program

* all package is customizable to meet its requirement

Service includes

Firewall Appliance (on-premise)

Installation and Maintenance

Uptime 99.9% guarantee

Support 24 x 7

Web Report

- Working from Home options -

25 max. sessions 1600 BTH. / mo.

50 max. sessions 2200 BTH. / mo.

75 max. sessions 3000 BTH. / mo.

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