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Thailand Cloud Service

Our tailor cloud services are deployed in seven Tier-3 Data Centers in Bangkok.  They're connected with our own metro optical fiber multi-gigabit networks (Segment Routing) to make the cloud fabric.

Our OnApp Cloud takes the complexity out of building, managing and selling cloud infrastructure. It’s the complete cloud management solution for service providers.

Our OnApp software powers private, public and hybrid cloud services for thousands of businesses, hundreds of thousands of users and millions of virtual servers – including an estimated 1 in 3 of the world’s public clouds.

Now, Our OnApp Cloud automatically accelerates web applications on virtual servers by compressing and optimizing their content, and distributing it automatically to a global CDN.

Cloud Features
The complete cloud platform

Complete, not complex

It is quick to deploy and easy to configure – it’s an end-to-end solution with a full suite of orchestration, provisioning, management, and security tools built in.

Easy multi-cloud management

Our platform brings multiple clouds and multiple virtualization types into one easy-to-manage environment. It provides a single abstraction and management layer for distributed private and public cloud infrastructure.

Fast time-to-value

Your cloud can be deployed in hours: no need for months of development and integration work. You can also get your cloud as a fully managed service.

Fluid service delivery

Our platform’s intuitive UI simplifies and streamlines your cloud, and enables workloads to be provisioned and migrated fluidly to the cloud infrastructure that suits them best.

Free Trial

CPaas is our fully managed Cloud Platform-as-a-Service. You can configure and order a complete hybrid cloud environment that’s deployed for you automatically. Two variants of CPaaS are available today:

CPaaS Light

Get a ready-to-run KIRZ Cloud using shared compute infrastructure on 3 locations with data backup.

CPaaS Dedicate

Get a ready-to-run KIRZ Cloud with Dedicated Server ตามสเป็คเครื่องที่ต้องการ พร้อม Hypervisor และ OS ไลน์เซนส์

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KIRZ is Thailand's comprehensive Managed Service Provider. We own fiber optic network infrastructure, gateways, data centers, cloud computing and internet connections.  We have been providing the services to the midsize organizations for over 20 years

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