Server & Storage Leasing

Contract period for 36 and 60 months

Leasing: At the end of use, the equipment will automatically transfer to the renter's ownership, resembling an installment payment plan.

Rent-to-use: At the end of use, the equipment is handed over to the lessor or purchased at  an greed price with lessor

Typical uses

For organizations that require extensive IT equipment, purchasing numerous products at once can demand significant capital. Consequently, leasing—such as leasing computers, notebooks, servers, or other IT equipment—emerges as an appealing solution. This method often involves long-term rental agreements, commonly referred to as leasing. Such arrangements entail a contract to use a specified amount of IT equipment, with payments made in monthly or annual installments as stipulated in the contract. This approach differs from outright purchases, which require a large sum of money to be paid all at once.

Brands available for Leasing


Why Leasing from KIRZ?

KIRZ has been provide IT products from over 100 leading brands since 1995. Customers choose KIRZ for IT leasing services (hire purchase and lease use of IT equipment and computers) for several reasons:

  • We provide leasing services for enterprise equipment from top brands.
  • Comprehensive pre- and post-sale services are available, including assistance with design, installation, maintenance, as well as implementation and migration.
  • Spare equipment is available for use while waiting for ordered products or during claims.
  • Certified personnel are on hand to support product sales, and the KIRZ Contact Center offers 24-hour assistance for after-sales service.


  • IT products available for Leasing such as : Servers, Storage, Network, Security.
  • Contract periods available : 36 months, 60 months

Leasing Process

  1. Submit details of equipment, brand, type, model, quantity of products, etc.
  2. Lease period (hire purchase or lease use) minimum 1 year, minimum total value not less than 5 hundred thousand per contract.
  3. Delivery location
  4. Additional services such as installing extra software or hardware on the machine, as well as maintenance agreements and extended warranties, are available.
  5. Desired Start Date for the Contract

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